Event Lighting Hire

Professional Lighting for Your Event

Take an MA in design and technology. Add a truckload of specialist lighting equipment and extensive experience and let the results speak for themselves.

The following images are from my latest events in New Zealand where I set up and ran my new mixing desks.  This made me very happy because I love providing the wow factor without having to grow extra arms.

35 Years Experience
Bringing the greatest resource to your event. The experience that takes the many tools of the trade and creates glorious visuals from them.
The Kit
I have amassed a large collection of equipment to meet your needs and my creative ambition. Click below to open a PDF detailing what I can bring to your event.
All Events Great and Small
Having such a wide range of equipment allows me to easily scale up or down as need demands.
Lighting can make or break an audiences perception of your event. I bring every last bit of what I have in both experience and equipment to make that perception shine.

Event Lighting Gallery

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