Creating Light Mandalas

My primary inspiration comes from nature and her myriad bounty of patterns and forms, then driven by numerical sequences and a simple but profound truth. Simple rules give rise to complex behaviour.

The mandalas I use are created by filming at  natural elemental sources. The colour palette comes about from layering the footage and then making each layer translucent, thus intensifying the colours and tones in the original footage. I then decide on the numerical sequence that will create the geometry, and then combine it with the footage.

By changing and adjusting these numerical sequences unexpected and beautiful outcomes take form in the light I work with. 

This is what sets Rainbow in the Dark apart from light shows.

Firstly my inspiration and how  I work with natural sequences to discover, surprise and delight. 

Secondly, the screen onto which all this is projected is water mist and theatrical smoke. It acts both as a screen and a 3D light projection that the audience can walk into as well as view from outside.

These are the mandalas I currently use in the rainbow in the dark.







The Aether Mandala creation is offered as a service. They are created like all the other Mandala’s except the source footage is created from filming the subjects left eye. 

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