Mandala Festival Lighting proudly presents...

Rainbow in the Dark

Captivating, surreal and utterly charming, Rainbow in the Dark has contributed its unique lighting to festivals around the world

Welcome to The Rainbow

Festival lighting can, with hard work and artistic flair, give rise to exceptional outcomes. As a result, Rainbow in the Dark has been captivating audiences internationally.

Rainbow in the Dark is an ongoing light art experience created by Benjamin Clegg and exhibited at art festivals internationally. It has never failed to captivate and charm both it’s viewers and participants.

After working as a professional artist for 35 years Benjamin became increasingly drawn to working directly with light. Over the past ten years combining light and geometries has been his main creative expression. As a result, Rainbow in the Dark is far from just another light show.

Within The Rainbow itself are morphing geometric shapes created from light and projected onto mist. This combined effect of rainbows and geometries suspended in mist has captivated audiences in New Zealand and the UK over the last 10 years.

Unsurprisingly, Ben has had an audience in excess of 250,000 people who have experienced this captivating and mesmerising event. It also comes as no surprise that Rainbow in the Dark has been picked up by national and international media.

Mandala Festival Lighting in action

Benjamin has 35 years of professional practice in a wide range of multi-media assets. However, his work has culminatedĀ  with what he feels is the highest modality; creating Mandala Festival Lighting and working as a light artist.

View or Interact

The audience often choose to immerse themselves inside the projection. Once inside they are surrounded by an expanding rainbow tunnel, created by lasers scanning a half circle of rainbow light. This Rainbow is held in the air with the use of fine water mist and theatrical smoke. It’s within this mist that the morphing geometric projections also appear.

To see The Rainbow in action, visit the Video Gallery.

It’s an experience like no other, which is why it has never stopped growing and developing. It’s not only the audiences who are captivated by the experience!